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Welcome to some special magic at Winnings! We don’t recruit your for places like Hogwarts or dig into deep dark magic, but offer you yet another interesting if not truly amazing online scratch card game called Wizard of All. This virtual scratch-off ticket is truly mystical and leaves everybody, after playing just a few rounds, spell-bounded! Take your time and study the ten scratch-panels on the screen because they might enable you more than just one chance to win up to £300,000! Like all other online scratch cards at Winnings.com this one is easy to play and suitable for low-rollers, high-rollers as well as for casual gamers. More than winning is the entertaining value of scratch-off tickets, trust me. Play with just a few quid and perhaps your might be the next jackpot winner that shows up at the site’s hall of fame of mega-winners.

Wizard of All Gameplay & Features
Once the game screen appears you simply have to match any of the magical symbols, such as spell-book, a crystal ball, violas of potions, and so on. The picked symbols will be compared with two winnings symbols in order to get a prize. If you reveal the owl symbol… congratulations! Your winnings will be instantly doubled. Reveal the Wizard scratch card symbol under one of the hidden panels you cash in all ten available prizes!

Playing Wizard of All is literally a piece of cake. You simply choose the wagering amount using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button which is attached to the so called ticket-cost meter. Remember, the higher the stake, the higher the potential prize! In order to start a round, click the ‘Play’ button or the Spacebar on your keyboard. Matching any of the picked symbols with the winnings symbols and you win the prize shown below the panel(s). You can reveal all ten scratch card areas one by one or click the ‘Reveal All’ button to scratch’em all off instantly. All winnings will be automatically credited to your play-balance. If you don’t want to wait or you’re simply impatient, there’s an Autoplay option available, too. You can set the wagering amount and the number of rounds (up to 300) being played without any interaction on your side. The Autoplay can be interrupted any time by clicking the Pause button.

Conclusion & Tips
I do admit personally that I was quite surprised about how much fun playing Wizard of All actually is. Perhaps it’s the theme and the whole setup and atmosphere that are appealing. Who could say… it is fun to reveal all ten panels one by one and the whole anticipation. There are plenty of winnings opportunities, like with all other online scratch cards available at Winnings.com. On average all scratch-off tickets one-in-three are winners.

Like all other games, make sure you check this scratch card out playing in the fun- or demo-mode. Get familiar with the chances; how the special symbols work, what prizes can be won and so on. Also ensure to budget your available bankroll. I strongly suggest taking advantage of the bonus offers, if applicable, and when opening an account, maximize your 1st deposit with a 100% bonus offer up to £200. Wager smaller amounts first in order to play longer and therefore increase your chances to win a prize. It is also helpful to set yourself a limit; time & money-wise. Another thing – bank your winnings and don’t use them to chuck’em away without consideration. You surely want to grab the winning opportunities playing other incredible games at Winnings.com, surely you do! Most importantly, have fun while playing during your stay.


The virtual scratch cards phenomenon

What makes virtual scratch cards so popular and why do players, especially in Europe, love them so much.

Europeans per se, with the exception of the Irish and the British, are really not keen on games of chance or wagering on outcomes. However, about 25 years ago something got them hooked, when the 1st scratch card games were available at lotto shop or high street kiosks. With the introduction of the internet a new hype developed – online scratch cards.

If you ask online scratch card players why they opted to play online, you might hear the following statement. Players used to have to go down to the local shop, petrol station or perhaps even a lotto shop to buy scratchcard games. Now they can enjoy playing their favourite games 24/7 from the comfort of their home. Naturally, that is not the only reason. The variety of different scratch card, as well as the incredible winning opportunities, makes them so popular.

Ask yet another player and he or she will simply say that those are simply easy and fast to play. Others will state the fact that offline scratch off tickets always look and feel the same. Online scratch cards however include a range of innovative features. Features like bonus games and multipliers are common, not an exception. Themes like sports, fantasy, TV and celebrities are other reason online scratch cards entertain millions of players worldwide. Regardless what type of player you might be, online scratch cards are worth to be tried out.

There have been quite a lot of discussions of turning casual games you can find on Facebook or as a mobile application to a gambling game. The games developers are mainly focusing on small change, turning upside down trying to monetize their game, getting a player value average of around £20. If you compare it to an average player value of an online casino, which stands around a few hundreds pounds, you can understand why casual games developers want a piece of the action.

However, the gambling world is not easy both for providers and players. Since it’s considered as a gray area in most countries, you can’t operate it freely from everywhere and you’re also limited with the payment options. Luckily, here in the UK there are not such problems. Online and offline gambling is completely legal and as a player there’s no problem to find where to play. Unfortunately we’re on the minority side of things and most countries, including European countries, are making their citizens’ life a lot harder when it comes to this hobby.

It seems that the Irish might be opening their doors to public casinos. With a new bill known as the Gambling control bill, it seems they intend to agree upon general regulations that will allow land based casinos to operate within Ireland.

This whole gambling field was sort of a gray area in Ireland till now. Casinos were referred to as private member clubs. It obvious that the current way it works doesn’t make much sense and opens the doors into some shady establishments with minimum supervision and almost no protection for the gamblers. It accrued to the government that since gambling is an inseparable part of Ireland, it might as well be fully legalized and regulated, keeping it open to the public eyes and to the eye of the legislators.

There are still many open issues to discuss like the location of the public casinos, which restrictions to set, how to monitor their activity and so on. However, the fact that this bill is in an ongoing legislation process, turns the notion of Irish casinos to a real possible one. Of course, the bill will have to pass the ringer of a public symposium before it will be published.


Make Instant Winnings By Playing Money Games

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