It seems that the Irish might be opening their doors to public casinos. With a new bill known as the Gambling control bill, it seems they intend to agree upon general regulations that will allow land based casinos to operate within Ireland.

This whole gambling field was sort of a gray area in Ireland till now. Casinos were referred to as private member clubs. It obvious that the current way it works doesn’t make much sense and opens the doors into some shady establishments with minimum supervision and almost no protection for the gamblers. It accrued to the government that since gambling is an inseparable part of Ireland, it might as well be fully legalized and regulated, keeping it open to the public eyes and to the eye of the legislators.

There are still many open issues to discuss like the location of the public casinos, which restrictions to set, how to monitor their activity and so on. However, the fact that this bill is in an ongoing legislation process, turns the notion of Irish casinos to a real possible one. Of course, the bill will have to pass the ringer of a public symposium before it will be published.