There have been quite a lot of discussions of turning casual games you can find on Facebook or as a mobile application to a gambling game. The games developers are mainly focusing on small change, turning upside down trying to monetize their game, getting a player value average of around £20. If you compare it to an average player value of an online casino, which stands around a few hundreds pounds, you can understand why casual games developers want a piece of the action.

However, the gambling world is not easy both for providers and players. Since it’s considered as a gray area in most countries, you can’t operate it freely from everywhere and you’re also limited with the payment options. Luckily, here in the UK there are not such problems. Online and offline gambling is completely legal and as a player there’s no problem to find where to play. Unfortunately we’re on the minority side of things and most countries, including European countries, are making their citizens’ life a lot harder when it comes to this hobby.