Since smartphones have become such a popular device which can be in just about every household, the gaming industry has taken a big bite of the action. However, only just recently slot games have become available for mobile users and you can play them for free and for money.

Mobile slots are usually played with no download and your scores are kept on the service provider’s servers.

Here at we’ve tried all available mobile slots, including iPhone slots and ones you can play on your Android. Our conclusions were not too reassuring:

  1. The upload time is very slow
  2. The games keep getting stuck
  3. The graphic is in low quality and not very appetizing.

We were just about to give up on this and wait for better days in the mobile slots environment when we bumped into this site – mobile version is actually the best one among our tested games platforms. It operates on NeoGames, which has a very good reputation in the gaming industry, and it offers relatively fast download, free and real money versions, easy to operate games and you don’t need to download anything to your mobile. If you’re looking to play slots on your mobile, you should defiantly give mobile slots a try.