What makes virtual scratch cards so popular and why do players, especially in Europe, love them so much.

Europeans per se, with the exception of the Irish and the British, are really not keen on games of chance or wagering on outcomes. However, about 25 years ago something got them hooked, when the 1st scratch card games were available at lotto shop or high street kiosks. With the introduction of the internet a new hype developed – online scratch cards.

If you ask online scratch card players why they opted to play online, you might hear the following statement. Players used to have to go down to the local shop, petrol station or perhaps even a lotto shop to buy scratchcard games. Now they can enjoy playing their favourite games 24/7 from the comfort of their home. Naturally, that is not the only reason. The variety of different scratch card, as well as the incredible winning opportunities, makes them so popular.

Ask yet another player and he or she will simply say that those are simply easy and fast to play. Others will state the fact that offline scratch off tickets always look and feel the same. Online scratch cards however include a range of innovative features. Features like bonus games and multipliers are common, not an exception. Themes like sports, fantasy, TV and celebrities are other reason online scratch cards entertain millions of players worldwide. Regardless what type of player you might be, online scratch cards are worth to be tried out.