Today there are plenty of options to play various games of chance online and cash in some nice prizes. The most common game of chance the majority of the population of most countries already play, without even thinking about gambling or game of chance is the lottery. Yes, the lottery is one of the most commonly played money games around. In some countries Europe, especially in the English speaking countries bingo is the most second played game where you can win prizes. There are various variations of both and keno is probably considered a mix of the lottery and bingo, which in fact is not that far-fetched.

So, what kind of instant win games are available online at Let’s have a look at three interesting categories of games that can be played online.

Instant win board games are basically what they imply. Those games are modelled into popular board games, such as Monopoly, etc. and the element of chance or luck, including various prizes, has been integrated. The players wager money to play certain rounds of the virtual boardgame where they have to progress on the playing board without getting eliminated or trapped. If the player is lucky enough to reach the final field on the board he or she might be cashing in quite a nice jackpot sum. The further the player goes, the higher the prizes. These kinds of money games only recently hit the floor or various casino websites but they’re already growing more and more popular.

Online scratch cards are the most common form of instant win games available on the internet. They’re literally online versions of the popular scratch off tickets available at every corner shop, supermarket or lottery agent. They’re easy to play and you truly scratch for cash. Furthermore, the odds are incredibly high – one in three scratch cards is a winner.

I am sure already heard about the probability of winning the lottery – it really is a big shot. Perhaps you might even remember a math lesson where your teacher explained and compared the odds of winning the lottery with all kinds of events and probabilities. The odds of winning the lottery depends on various factors, such as what kind of lottery (casino lottery games, like keno, bingo, etc.) you play, how many numbers you are allowed to pick and how many numbers are being drawn.

In case you have ever thought about winning the online lottery, you are definitely not alone. On average one in three regular lottery players think that winning a lottery jackpot is the one and only way to become financially independent for the rest of their lives.

Remember the classics odds about getting struck by lightning. The odds are approximately 2.6 Million to 1; whereas the average odds of winning a regular or casino lottery jackpot are at least 14 Million to 1! So, you’re more likely (statistically speaking) to get struck by lightning 5 to 6 times more than winning the lottery.

Compare the odds of winning a game of roulette, poker, online slots or even online scratchcards at A roulette wheel hast 37 numbers (plus one 0 or 00, depending on the roulette version), so, the odds winning a game of roulette are definitely higher. It gets even better… if you play for example the incredible scratchcards at Winnings you’ll be pleased to know that 1 in 3 scratchcards is a winner!