Get ready for an intriguing treasure hunt in search of the ancient legend city of Gold – Eldorado! This hybrid of a video slot, scratch card with elements of bingo is yet another brand new title from NeoGames at! Be strong, brave, fight your way through the midst of hostile jungle environment and discover the main treasure worth up to 40,000 GBP!

Features & Bonuses

At first glance Secrets of Eldorado looks like a video slot, alas with no spinning reels but blocks. Those blocks are part of a temple structure, just beneath five ancient idols that reveal the winning numbers. Altogether there are twenty block, beneath each of them a number and a cash prize. Bonus features are represented as Sun & Moon Idol and an Emerald Star. The Sun Idol helps you to collect the prizes in those areas which are marked by the Moon Idol. The latter can appear in two to nine areas and will award a cash prize when a Sun Idol icon is also revealed and present in the respective area. The Emerald Star will trigger an instant win!


Again, it’s hard to decide if Secrets of Eldorado is a scratch card game, a video slot or some kind of bingo or keno game with a twist. It does however offer a truly exciting atmosphere with amazing graphics, thrilling sound effects and the special features & bonuses mentioned above. If you enjoy going on a treasure hunt of a different kind, then this brand new game at is just perfect for you!

Secrets of Eldorado – Treasure hunt with a twist